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Argentine Tango in Adriatiq Hotel Zora – Primošten, 24-26.07.2018.

Milonga 'Seaside' with Sexteto Milonguero

Workshops: Emiliano Alcaraz & Tatjana Ransom


24.07. Tuesday 

20:30 – 22:00h     Workshop 1:

'Different types of embrace, connection within embrace and with the floor'             

22:00 – 00:00h     Tango practica


25.07. Wednesday

15:45 -17:15h    Workshop 2:

'How to use different types of walking for different orchestras' 

17:30 – 19:00h    Workshop 3:

'Find your axis and play with it!' 

21:00 – 02:00h  Milonga 'Seaside' with Sexteto Milonguero  LIVE PERFORMANCE

(TJ Viktor)

„Special Argentinian wine and food offer“


26.07. Thursday

12:00 – 14:00h    Tango brunch (Come together - after party with TJ Viktor)


To all workshops and live performance entrance is free of charge!

Performer info:


Sexteto Milonguero is formed in 2006 by Javier Di Ciriaco (Singer).

It is one of the best-known tango orchestra, which has traveled almost all over the world, with a unique and unmistakable personality. The style of the group, has a beginning, in essence, danceable. And over the years, also because of the diversity of places where they have been presented in recent years, such as theaters or festivals worldwide, have added to their extensive repertoire, a variety of songs that can be called only for concerts. Own songs, songs of Argentine folklore, etc.. This has allowed to show and merge the different influences that each one of the members of the sextet, which include: Argentina's popular music, jazz, classical, rock, etc. .... current contemporary influences. With 11 years of career, Sexteto Milonguero, played at milongas, theaters and festivals throughout Argentina, made 2 tours in Latin America and 12 European tours covering more than 25 countries, and many cities plus Canada, Singapure and China and recently, 2017-2018 2 tours in EEUU. 


Violins (Marisol Canessa y Gustavo Garay)

Bandoneón (Ignacio Claramonte)

Piano (Juan Rivero)

Contrabass (Alejandro Abonizzio)

Singer (Javier Di Ciriaco).



With 20 years in the Tango World Emiliano was formed in all stiles of Tango: Salon, Tradicional, Stage, and also more contemporary stiles with different Maestros from different stiles. He was a dancer in Mora Godoy Tango Company (Tanguera Musical Creator) for more than 10 years, travelling around the world. Also was a dancer in the most popular shows in Buenos Aires like Piazzolla Tango. As a Dancer he was part of many different Corporation events like Cirque Du Soleil Avant Premier in Buenos Aires. Two times in the Final of Tango Escenario Championship (2007 and 2010). As a Choreographer won the most important artistic Prize in Argentina called Martin Fierro as the best Coreografia for Tango TV Show in Argentina. As a Dancer with different Tango Companies he visited different countries in Europe, Asia and America. During the last 12 years is teaching and giving workshops, performing and has been part of different Festivals around the World: Asia, Europe, South America and United States. Currently based in Berlin spreading his Tango experience in Germany and countries around Germany too. The last year was invited to participate at the welcome event of Argentinian President in Hamburg in the context of G20 International Meeting dancing Tango in the Hamburg Harbour. Also, Emiliano was invited to be a member of the Jury in the Tango Championship in Hamburg.


TATJANA RANSOM is a tango dancer more than 11 years, teaching last three years from when she is regularly visiting Buenos Aires where she is practicing and sharing her tango also cooperating with professional tango dancers. After studying for many years with the most famous tango teachers in Buenos Aires and Europe her goal became clear: not only dancing for her own pleasure but contribute in continuous development and growth of the argentinian tango culture in Europe sharing her knowledge with those who are attracted deeply by this beautiful tango magic.


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