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Wellness Boutique

Indulge yourself in the place of relaxation at the Wellness Boutique in Hotel Zora!

Give yourself a wellness pleasure in our pool with a movable dome made of quartz glass that allows you healthy tanning. Heated seawater (26ºC) and special effects such as massage systems and whirlpools, as well as an exceptional position with the look at the open sea and Primošten, give our guests an unforgettable experience and create the atmosphere of a real oasis for relaxation. Find time for the massages or cosmetic face and body treatments. Chocolate and grapefruit, minerals and seaweeds are the flavors that you can not resist!



Hotel Zora Wellness boutique services: 
- Pool with movable dome and heated seawater  
- Sauna
- Massages
- Cosmetic treatments.
Hotel Zora Wellness Boutique recommends several types of massages and beauty treatments. 
Anti-stress head, neck & shoulder massage 
Massage which relieves painful inflammatory areas and release tension. It is completely relaxing and concentrated on the nape and shoulders.
30 min. / 22,00 euro
Partial massage 
Massage to relax and reduce muscle tension of back and legs. 
30. min. / 26,00 euro
Sports massage
For an individual who has a desire to focus on the thigh muscles and painful areas of the body we recommend a deep and penetrating massage performed by individual selection of oils. If you want to maintain an active lifestyle, this is just the right massage for you. 
30 min. / 30,00 euro

Whole body anti-stress massage
A massage that caresses the entire body consists of a range of aromatherapy oil mixture carefully adapted to clients. These oils have healing abilities, bring harmony and rejuvenate the skin. Essential oils penetrate your skin by rhythmic touch. Choose your own oil that suits your taste and mood. 
45 min. / 39,00 euro
Cosmetic treatments: 
Skin Awakening Facial   
This facial concentrates on giving you a fresh and healthy complexion. Cleansing, gentle exfoliation, toning up and moisturizing is accompanied by a rejuvenating massage to the face, neck and shoulders. This offer includes a wonderful relaxing hand massage.   
45 min. / 37,00 euro
Seaweed body mask 
The ritual that revives and combines healing minerals and clean algae that re-balances and feed your skin. Body brush prepares the skin for the application of hot seaweed pack-mask. After a light shower, you will be ready for a nourishing blend of aromatherapy oils which helps in toil elimination and muscle tension relaxation. 
50 min. / 45,00 euro
Chocolate mint body mask 
Body treatment with the strong tonic effect that makes your skin supple, silky and smooth. After body peeling the mask specifically designed for tired and dry skin is applied. The following is fifteen minutes massage that will create a feeling of complete body and spirit harmony.
50 min. / 45,00 euro
Grapefruit & Cecropia wrapping
If you like grapefruit then you will enjoy this detoxifying wrapping that will help you get rid of toxins and impurities. Fresh fruit pulp is gently rubbed into your skin, followed by wrapping the body, which will hydrate and soften your skin. 
50 min. / 45,00 euro

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